Wonderex Capsule
Wonderex Capsule’s
July 13, 2020
Multi Nutrition Powder
Multi Nutrition Powder
July 24, 2020

Gynolix Capsule’s

(7 customer reviews)




  • Gynolix Has Health Benefit To Increase Haemoglobin Concentration In Pregnant Woman.
  • It Overcame Nutritional & Health Problems In Pregnant Woman & Pregnancy Outcome.


  • Moringa & Herbs

How To Use:

  • Take 2-4 Capsules 1 Hour Before Breakfast Or Dinner.
Reviews (7)

7 reviews for Gynolix Capsule’s

  1. Prashant Garg

    One of the best product that I have used

  2. Riya

    A good supplement capsule for pregnant women. My sister and Sister in Law have both used it.

  3. Meenakshi

    This product has no side effects and helps pregnant women’s in maintaining their health.

  4. Payal

    Must try these supplements! It helped me to Overcame Nutritional & Health Problems during my pregnancy.

  5. Neeru

    The best organic way to maintain your Haemoglobin during your pregnancy!

  6. Richa

    Must try this product! It will help you to keep all the problems away in your pregnancy.

  7. Kashish

    I’ve needed to take these supplement for years. I’m very happy to have found this! It doesn’t bother my stomach, doesn’t have the “usual” iron vitamin smell and works for boosting energy.

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