Gynolix Capsule
Gynolix Capsule’s
July 13, 2020
Immunity Booster Powder
Immunity Booster Powder
July 24, 2020

Multi Nutrition Powder

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  • 15 Times The Potassium In Bananas.
  • 2 Times The Vitamin A In Carrots.
  • 17 Times The Calcium In Milk.
  • 9 Times The Iron Protein In Yogurt.
  • 25 Times The Iron In Spinach.
  • 7 Times The Vitamin C In Oranges.


  • Moringa & Herbs

How To Use:

  • Take Half Spoon Morning & Evening In Warm Water.
Reviews (5)

5 reviews for Multi Nutrition Powder

  1. Asha

    Satisfied! Tried one multi nutrition product for the first time and got amazed by the results.

  2. Himadri

    It has a large portion of vitamins. Good for your health!

  3. Sara

    Easy to take and good for your family.

  4. Saransh

    This product helped my grandparents a lot. We were amazed by the results.

  5. Marut

    The best organic product you can take, to keep yourself healthy!

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